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Ok, so occasionally I am asked about wedding topics that have nothing to do with catering. If it is not something I am knowledgeable about, I always try to find the person a reliable source for the information. A few times I have been asked about plastic surgery in preparation for the big day. Here are a couple of basic facts that I have picked up along way. Remember, if it’s your food that needs a facelift, I’m your man. Otherwise, make sure you talk to someone with Dr. in front of their name.
A growing number of brides and grooms are turning to cosmetic surgery to prepare for their wedding. If you are deciding to go this route, I thought you might want to know the downtimes involved with these procedures so you can be ready for the big day.
Here is a list of the more common procedures:
Injectables and Fillers
For those who want to fatten up those lips or get rid of a few wrinkles. This procedure should be done a couple weeks before your big day, in case there is swelling or bruising.
Facial Plastic Surgery
Brides and grooms considering these procedures should know that they require a lot more downtime. Bruising, swelling and scarring are common and these issues may take several months to go away.
Liposuction is a common procedure performed before the big day. Many brides opt for this. This procedure should be done at least a month before your wedding day to allow time for bruising to go away.
Breast Enhancement
Breast enhancement is probably the most popular pre-wedding surgery. For many women, this procedure has always been something they have considered doing.. For this procedure, you should allow yourself at least a month to recover.
I don’t have an opinion on plastic surgery either way. “Live and Let Live” I say. I do have a strong opinion about the 3 things, however:

1. Do your homework- Make sure you know all the risks and side effects involved.
2. Go to a reputable Doctor- I wouldn’t recommend Willy’s House of Boob Jobs and Car Alarms

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