San Jose Wedding Catering

San Jose Wedding:  Catering edition

San Jose is a bustling and popular California city, the third largest in the state.  Its eclectic mix of modern and historical make it a beautiful destination for a wedding.

San Jose is a very affluent city being located in the heart of the booming technology.  Many wealthy couples choose the city for their weddings specifically for its five-star venues, decorators, caterers, and wedding planners.  The possibilities are truly endless here.

When it comes to San Jose weddings, there truly is something for everyone.  You can go for a historical feel or a modern city feel.  You can get married indoors or out.  You can get married on a vineyard, a museum, or in a classy hotel.

One of the most important aspects of the wedding day is the food and drinks.  People will remember the food!  When it comes to San Jose catering companies, you can have any taste you desire.  There are traditional and nontraditional dishes, even gluten free and vegetarian menus.  And what if you want a good old fashioned Bar-B-Que?  You can even have that at your classy San Jose wedding.

When booking your wedding venue, verify that you can have outside catering.  Some venues include a caterer or have a list to choose from.  Of course, do not book a caterer based on the venue’s reviews.  Do your own research to come up with the absolute best for your needs.

Perhaps the most important part of choosing a caterer for your San Jose wedding is the customer service the company provides.  You want someone who has your best interests in mind; a company that will cause you no worries on the most important day of your life.  You want a company that will cater to your unique needs and requests.  You want a caterer that will listen.  You want a caterer that will make your vision come to life, whether simple or complex.

The next decision to be made is whether to have a sit-down or buffet service at your San Jose wedding reception.  Generally, the buffet is more casual, thus less expensive.  A sit-down meal will be more expensive and is usually reserved for the more elegant affairs.  You can even do a mixture of the two.  Your San Jose catering service can aid you in making this decision.

One final tip when looking for a caterer in the San Jose area is to ask around.  Get reviews from friends and family.  They will have your best interest at heart and will recommend caterers that will mesh well with your style.  Even online reviews can help, but do not drive yourself crazy reading all of those.

All in all, choosing a San Jose caterer might just be tougher than choosing your wedding dress!  It is important to do your research and go with your gut feeling.  Your San Jose wedding will be just perfect when you choose to go with high quality food and service.

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