Outdoor Weddings in San Jose

Congratulations on your engagement! I’m sure that you’ve already figured out that there is a lot that needs to be considered if you are planning an outdoor wedding reception in the San Jose area. I love outdoor events, they allow for a great deal of latitude in terms of creativity and guest interaction. That being said, it is important to remember the many important details necessary when it comes to ensuring the success of your outdoor wedding reception.
If you plan carefully, you will be able to avoid any complications and have the wedding of your dreams. When looking at outdoor venues for your wedding, remember that the surrounding area will be a part of your wedding decor. You can use this to your advantage by saving on expenses such as flowers and other decorating expenses.
Don’t forget to consider lighting. If you are having an evening wedding reception, artificial lighting will need to considered. Is the provided by the venue or will you need to factor this into your rental budget? If your reception is during the day, then the position of the sun needs to be considered. If you’re planning a summer wedding you may want to include appropriate shaded areas or tents for the reception.
Obviously you will want to prepare for the unpredictable San Jose and Bay area weather on your wedding day.. If rain could be an occurrence, then you may consider renting a bunch of umbrellas beforehand to have ready for your guests should precipitation occur.
Wind is also something to think about. Aside from annoying your guests, wind can wreak havoc on your flower arrangements, candles, and centerpieces. We all know it can get pretty windy in the San Jose and Bay Area.

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