Indian Influenced San Jose Wedding

Indian influenced wedding ceremonies can be and exciting way to add your own personal touch and uniqueness to your San Jose wedding.  Here are a few ideas and tips if you think an Indian influenced wedding theme might be good fit. You may have noticed that I keep using the term Indian Influenced wedding as opposed to traditional Indian Wedding.  The tips I point out here are meant to give an East Indian feel to your wedding ceremony and reception while still giving you the flexibility to deviate (you know how I love to deviate) into some of your own personal ideas and concepts.  By know means is this to be taken as a how to guide for a traditional Indian wedding.  There are experts in the area and I am not one of them.  What I am an expert in is incorporating ideas from various cultures to create truly enjoyable menus and events.  So, let’s get started.

  • Let’s start with what I know best, the food!  Have your caterer pick and handful of your favorite Indian dishes for the reception menu.  A buffet set up would be perfect for this theme since it would allow your guests to mingle while sampling the various dishes. Here are a few dishes that I think work well:
    • Cucumber Salad
    • Vegetable Raita
    • Chicken Tikka
    • Naan
    • Fish Tandoori
  • Use large pieces of fabric draping to decorate the room. The traditional colors are usually red and gold, but, go crazy here! Throw in some Teal, Orange, Purple, or whatever you like (remember, I love deviants…uh… I meant deviating from the norm).
  • For centerpieces, I like candles. A variety of shapes and sizes always look nice.  Try to get candles that match your color scheme instead of plain white.
  • Ask your DJ to mix in some traditional Indian music into your selections. Any DJs out there up for this challenge? Please post a reply if you are.
  • Let’s not forget the henna! Henna is a traditonal dye used to create temporary decorative tattoos. Any one who has scene henna design know how beautiful they are.  If you are going to get henna designs, know that they look best when done 24 to 48 hours prior.

That’s it, people! Just a few easy and fun ideas for incorporate into your wedding.  For those of you that say I have shamelessly stolen ideas from the Indian wedding ceremony….. Thanks!! I try my best.


  1. says

    Hi Kevin,
    Thanks for the shout out! Yes, it’s really great to see all the “hybrid” weddings and the Indian influence just seems so delightfully luxurious and festive. And of course henna is a wonderful addition because it is historically part of not-just-Indian, but African, Middle-Eastern, and Jewish traditions, so it really transcends cultural and religious barriers. Maybe I’m a little biased, but I kind of think it’s “a must” for all weddings!!


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