Interviewing Caterers for your San Jose area Wedding

Planning your San Jose wedding reception catering can be a daunting task. You want to make sure that everyone at your wedding reception loves the food and has a wonderful time, all while staying within your budget.
Start out by contacting a few San Jose or Bay area caterers. Think about the questions you want to ask them and ask them all the same questions. Make notes on what each caterer offer what each catering seems most comfortable doing. Most caterers will say that they can do anything but the truth is, we all have our comfort zones. Does your San Jose caterer feel comfortable with your wedding theme?
Here is a checklist of questions that you will want to ask your caterer. Make sure that your wedding caterer explains all additional fees and services so there are no surprises down the road. Find out who is going to be responsible for cleanup if the catering service will be providing their own servers.
Don’t be taken back if your caterer can not give you a firm price until they know the details of your San Jose wedding reception. Price is contingent upon location, set up/clean up issues, menu items, and other factors of your particular wedding. Beware of the caterer that can quote you a fixed price before asking the particulars of your wedding reception! Finally, make sure that your caterer gets back to with a quote by the date you both agree upon. A caterer that comes up with excuses for submitting a late proposal, will also have excuses on your wedding day.

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